Marital Status: Single
Preferred Relationship Type(s): Seeking Marriage
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Love is what i am here to find

it waste anyone times and don't want anyone to waste mine..if i am coming to visit any man..he will have to pay for the ticket fees..when we met doesn't matters..i have come across many relationship where by the met same day and they found love within each other..that is the mistake people make..believing love is been build but No..Love comes from the heart once there is feelings and chemistry and a great connection..there is nothing like too early to meet ..never..Once you found out the chemistry try and meet with the person physically and see if the feelings and Love is real..Once it is real, then you can keep it from there..not just exchanging es and calling wasting each others time..and after few weeks or found out no feelings and you both want to end it..then you have wasted a lot of waiting for that weeks and month chatting is a waste of time..if you that time on something else will benefit from i don't believe in waiting till we get to exchange more es before meeting can exchange es for months and years..where by you two will feel the Love inside you both and really promise each other heaven and earth..once you meet physically another different feelings entire and end up not liking each other the feelings will drop immediately and you two go your separate ways..that is a lot of time waste..that is why you see a lot of divorce this days..after having kids..they r found out they are not meant to be..But with trust,the partners will end up good,grow old and happy without any stress and trouble if they can both fight every problem that comes their way..don't bring your past into the presences or future it will onlyin doesn't relationship grow butin and destroyed it,.write me to dragging88 at g you don't have to judge people Equally all the time ..that is why we keepnning into the wrongs dont know when you loose the right your process of wrong judgement and un trust issue

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Interests: Playing Music

Languages: English
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 Personal Information 
@North cedar AR, United States
  • Age: 48, Pieces
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
  • Body: A few extra pounds
  • Weight: 120 lbs. (54Kg)
  • Height: 5' 5" (165cm)
  • [ Blond hair, Blue eyes ]
  • Have Kids: 1 child
  • Want Kids: Able, but not willing
  •  Livelihood 
  • Education: Post-Graduate
  • Occupation: Customer Service/Call Center
  • Job Status: Unemployed
  • Income: 0
  •  Social/Spiritual Life 
  • Smokes: Never smoked
  • Drinks: Drink socially
  • Drugs: No
  • Religion: Christian
  •  Ad Information 
  • Straight Female ISO Straight Male
  • Ad Number: 8783
  • I engage in fitness exercises ::
    I tend to daydream about ::
    I would usually have ::
    I go out ::
    only once in a while
    the future
    at most ten people at my party
    only once in a while
    What bothers me most with people ::
    My favorite season of the year is ::
    On a first date, I expect ::
    How I feel about pets ::
    noisy neighbors
    a hug
    I have one/some, but not a must
    My preferred destination for a vacation will be ::
    Regarding my spending habit ::
    My favorite type of food ::
    I am an ::
    a romantic dinner in Paris
    I'm Always keeping within budget
    introvert (mostly a loner)
    In my family, I am known as ::
    When it comes to partying ::
    In relationships, I tend to ::
    In relation to sports ::
    My taste in music is ::
    The easy going one
    I am the center of attention and full of energy
    have a best friend I look up to and share everything with
    I only watch sports
    something I can relax to

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