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How To Enable Cookies in: Netscape Communicator, Internet Explorer, Other Browsers.

What are cookies?

Cookies are little pieces of data that can be stored on your web browser. Cookies are usually set by applications that are running on a web site you visit. The most common use of cookies are for visitor tracking, and limited customization. For tracking purposes, sites may place a cookie into your browser that is a simple time stamp, with that stamp they can monitor your trip through a site. For customization, a cookie can store data that can represent how you view a web site.

This form of customization is limited because a cookie is unique to a browser, not a user. So, for example, if you setup Quicklinks using Internet Explorer, you will only be able to use those quicklinks again in Internet Explorer. This is because each browser keeps a separate "cookie" container.

Are cookies a security threat?

No, not really, cookies cannot access your system or retrieve information that isn't already broadcast by your web browser. Cookies cannot access your harddrive or send information about your computer system. Cookies are just simply a data storage system.

How To Enable Cookies in Netscape Communicator

Navigator 3.0x (and 2.0x) doesn't have an option to disable the setting of cookies globally. It is a feature added to version 4.x.

How To Enable Cookies in Internet Explorer 5

How To Enable Cookies in Other Browsers...

We're told that to enable cookies on Juno Web choose Options, E-mail options, HTML E-mail preferences, Change security settings, Advanced, scroll to "security" and find "cookies", set desired option. Please tell us if this isn't right.

For WebTV's browser we're not even sure whether it accepts cookies, stores them on the server or allows them to be disabled.

Cookies are also supported in Opera and the latest version of Lynx.

Your browser may be different: it may not support cookies. Even if it does, you may have to click on OK each time a web site wants to push a cookie on you, (Some sites set several per page).