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The categories: men seeking women, women seeking men, available for singles or the lonely seeking a relationship, a date, a companion, or just plain dating.

The primary goal is to meet local singles and find love. This dating site caters for jewish singles, asian singles, christian singles, black singles.

Gay personals falls under the category men seeking men, and women seeking women.

All categories are local singles free personal ads. Also available are the older generation seeking companionship. Just about any form of online dating is represented on oasisoflove.

Live interraction is very important and so we've brought you web chat, audio chat, video chat. At the same time as you browse personal ads, you can use our instant messenger to connect with other users.

Our Online match system is in the works.

Free personals keeps money in your pocket, while you're still enjoying the full benefits of any dating site or dating service today.

Any feature can be created such as forums by popular demand.

After signing up, don't forget to vote on issues in our polls and surveys section.

Adult personal ads and matchmaking is not far behind upon demand.

Polls & Surveys

  1. Government regulation on online dating
    A plan has been introduced by the government to regulate dating websites. Specifically, the government wants to require dating websites to conduct criminal background checks on anybody dating online.

  2. Love or Status, what is more important?
    What is your primary expectation in your choice of a mate?

  3. Horoscope and personal characteristics?
    Do you believe that a person's nature is defined by his astrological sign? For example, Arians are said to possess great force and energy, are instinctive and dynamic, and are always ready to take the initiative.

  4. Profiles without photos?
    Some people are too lazy to upload a picture to their profile. Are you more likely to look at a profile with a picture, or do you not care one way or the other?

  5. Marry or cohabitate?
    Relationships don't endure these days as long as they used to. Divorce rates are at record highs. The latest trend is independence. We all want what we want, with little willingness to compromise. So, with divorce rate so high in today's world, why do we have to get married, isn't it so much better just living together?

  6. Oasisoflove Feature request?
    Some members have requested a new feature that allows you to know if somebody you're communicating with is also talking with other members. Would you like this feature to be implemented?

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